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Concours Rules

Inspection Form BN1 BN2

Inspection Form BN4,, 6, 7 & BT7

Inspection Form BJ7 BJ8

Road and Show Rules

  •  maintenance,
  • preservation and ……
  • enjoyment of the Austin Healey Marque.

Preservation of the Marque is encouraged within the club by acknowledging members' efforts to keep their cars in peak condition and as close to their original form (as pleases them).

Members can have their cars evaluated in one of two separate categories:

Concours d'Elegance – This is the pinnacle of our Preservation Awards both in difficulty of achievement and honour amongst one's peers.


Road & Show Awards 

This event caters for member cars that have a high level of Presentation, yet may have many improvements that detract from the ability to earn Originality points in the Concours d'Elegance.

This category will appeal to the vast majority of members and is conducted as a competition, one car versus another, with the cars achieving the highest points score announced as our Road & Show Cars for that particular year.


CONCOURS d'Elegance

Preservation of the Marque leads us to focus on encouraging members to preserve for themselves, other club members and the public alike, a number of very high quality cars that show the Austin Healey as it was originally manufactured, and to maintain that Originality in the best possible Condition for use.

As our cars become older their numbers may well decline. As they become rarer we must work harder to maintain standards of Originality, and desirability.

Originality and Condition are the two overriding forces in our Concours standard cars.

The Concours d'Elegance is not a competition in which we compare one car against another and award one winner. Rather, Concours vehicles are simply inspected to see if they attain definitive standards and certificates are awarded based on results. Two or more similar cars can achieve exactly the same result and attain the same award level at the same time.


Rules of the Concours d'Elegance

Concours Award inspections will be conducted once a year whenever practical. Enquires can be made with the Committee to determine approximately when inspections will be made in any particular year.

  •  Vehicle Inspection Forms used by our judges are freely available to all members and show how points are scored.
  •  Our club maintains an up to date library of reference material to support restorers and for the enjoyment of all. Additionally, there are many reference points available on the internet with particular reference to materials available in the USA from their Concours Registry. Our judges will be rigorous in their attention to correctness on Originality issues.
  •  Entrants are expected to conduct a pre-Inspection self audit of their car so that only cars reasonably believed to meet the minimum score are entered for inspection by judges.
  •  Entry into the Concours d'Elegance will be by provision of a completed cover page of the Concours d'Elegance Inspection form in which the ownership and vehicle identification details have been completed.
  •  Judges will award a Concours Certificate to all vehicles that achieve at least 85% of the available points;

o Bronze award level to cars that achieve between 85% and < 90% of available points.

o Silver award level to cars that achieve between 90% and < 95% of available points.

o Gold award level to cars that achieve 95% and more of the available points.

 There are three separate Vehicle Inspection Forms available:


o All 100 model Roadsters (BN 1 and 2)

o All 6 cylinder Roadsters (BN4,6,7 and BT7)

o All Convertible models (BJ7 and BJ8)


Rules of the Concours d'Elegance - Continued

  •  All entrants will be inspected some days prior to a public event at which the Concours d'Elegance awards will be announced. This is due to a need to inspect certain aspects of the car on a hoist and the level of detail evaluation required, with potential access to reference books. One day will be set aside for this.
  •  Owners are required to remain available to facilitate matters when their car is being inspected.
  •  Owners can if they like present evidence to support originality features of their car if discussion arises on any point.
  •  Cars must be driven both to their inspection and to the Presentation event. Trailers/Transporters are not allowed. Awards will only be announced at the Presentation event.
  •  Marks will not be deducted where appropriate period accessories have been fitted provided the accessories are in keeping with the style and spirit of the car. The following is a list of accepted accessories and those available during the time the "Big Healey" was produced:

o Wing mirrors – Raydot on 6 cyl cars. Lucas & Boomerang on all models.

o Luggage rack – mounted on boot hinges & Amco mounted on the boot lid.

o Grill bar & badges – any chrome badge bar and up to 5 period or club badges.

o Lucas driving lights – 5" or 7" mounted on Stone Tray or badge bar.

o Headlight guards – chromed mesh type.

o Rubber floor mats - only with Healey logo.

o Radio – AM tube type of the period only.

o Seat belts – any style when properly installed.

o Fire extinguisher – only if properly charged.

o Steering wheel – Derrington wood rim style with 3 spokes at 120 degrees.

o Tappet cover – chrome plated original style on 100s only.

o Any period accessory meeting Style & Spirit requirements provided that documentation is provided supporting period availability.

 Preparation and polishing will be allowed prior to Judges Inspection.

  •  Cars for judging must be presented at the inspection point with the hood erected, boot and bonnet up, tool kit out, side screens in place and Heritage Certificate displayed on the windscreen.
  •  The Concours Committee and judges decision is final and they will not enter into any discussion concerning the points and results.
  •  Complaints and/or improvement suggestions concerning the Concours should be made in writing to the Concours Committee and a reply will be given in writing.

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