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Our priority for Sprint events is MSCA (Marque Sports Car Association)

Alfa Club sprints with Alfas and usually many MX5’s are quite compatible with our cars. PIARC sprints less so, but a chance to run at the Phillip Island track.

I have NOT included Tampered Motorsport events - go to their website for dates. They only run at Sandown and attract modern cars. You do get plenty of laps for your entry fee.

## not for Championship points



Sunday 17th ## Rd 1 MSCA Rob Roy hillclimb run by MG Car Club



Sunday 14th Rd 2 MSCA Sandown

20/21st Rd 1 Vic. State Circuit Racing Championship, Sandown

Saturday 27th Alfa Romeo Club Sprint, Sandown



6/7/8th VHRR Historic Phillip Island Classic

Saturday 7th ##MG Car Club Rd 1 Interclub Challenge Hillclimb, Rob Roy

20/21st HSRCA Wakefield Park Autumn Festival Historic races

Sunday 21st Rd 3 MSCA Phillip Island

Saturday 27th ## Eddington Sprint (Bendigo Car Club)

27/28th PIARC Sprints, Phillip Island

27/28th Rd 2 Vic. State Circuit Racing Championship, Winton



Saturday 10th Rd 4 MSCA Sandown

Sunday 11th April Porsche Club 6 Hour Relay at Sandown

Wednesday 14th Golden Era Auto Racing (GEAR), Wakefield Park

17/18th All Historic Races, Mallala, STH Australia

Sunday 18th Alfa Club Sprint, Winton

19-24th ##Targa Tasmania tarmac rally



Sunday 2nd ##VHRR Rob Roy Hillclimb

Saturday 8th Alfa Club Sprint, Sandown

8/9th HRCC Autumn Historic races, Morgan Park, Warwick. QLD

15/16th Rd 3 Vic State Circuit Racing Championship, Phillip Island

Sunday 16th Rd 5 MSCA Winton

22/23rd 44th Historic Winton short course ( Austin 7 Club) to be confirmed

Sunday 23rd ##Rd 2 MGCC Interclub Rob Roy Hillclimb



Wednesday 9th Golden Era Auto Racing, Wakefield Park

12/13th HSRCA Sydney Classic Historic races, Sydney

Sunday 13th Rd 6 MSCA “THE BEND” at Tailem Bend.

Sunday 20th Alfa Club Sprint, Winton

26/27th PIARC Sprint, Phillip Island


Saturday 3rd Alfa Club Sprints, Phillip Island to be confirmed

3/4th HRCC Historic Qld. Morgan Park. Qld.

Sunday 11th Rd 7 MSCA Sandown

Sunday 18th Alfa Club Sprints, Broadford

23/24th Rd 4 Vic State Circuit Racing Series, Sandown



July 31/Aug 1st PIARC 6 Hour Relay at Phillip Island

7/8th VHRR Winton Historics

Sunday 15th Rd 8 MSCA Winton - inc TSOA Challenge

Sunday 15th VSSC Historic Hillclimb, Rob Roy

Wednesday 18th Golden Era Auto Racing, Wakefield Park

28/29th HSRCA Spring Festival Historics, Wakefield Park



3-5th ##Targa Great Barrier Reef tarmac rally

Saturday 4th Alfa Club Sprints, Sandown

Sunday 12th Rd 9 MSCA Phillip Island

18/19th PIARC Sprints, Phillip Island

25/26th Rd 5 Vic State Circuit Racing Series, Phillip Island



Saturday 2nd Rd 10 MSCA Sandown

Sunday 3rd ##Rd 3 MGCC Interclub Rob Roy Hillclimb

Wednesday 13th Golden Era Auto Racing, Wakefield Park

Sat/Sun 16/17th Alfa Club 12 Hour Winton relay

Sunday 31st ##30th Historic & Classic Hillclimb, Rob Roy



6/7th VHRR Historic Sandown

Sunday 14th Alfa Club Sprints, Winton

27/28th HSRCA Summer Festival Historics, SMSP Sydney



Wednesday 1st Golden Era Auto Racing, Wakefield Park

Saturday 4th MSCA Come and Try Day at Phillip Island (no licence required)

Sunday 12th Alfa Club Sprints, Phillip Island to be confirmed

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