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About Club Permits

Financial membership of the Austin Healey owners club offers the opportunity to use the Vicroads Club Permit Scheme, enabling you to drive your Austin Healey for any purpose you wish other than commercial use or financial gain, for 45 or 90 days per annum. The scheme comes at a significant cost savings compared to full registration, plus 4.2% stamp duty is not applied. A number of insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance at a reduced rate.

There are also responsibilities attached, the key ones being :

Penalties for failing to comply with the conditions of the permit may include significant fines, suspension or expulsion from the CPS and possibly deemed to be driving an unregistered vehicle and all the associated legal consequences. AHOC strongly recommends that all club permit holders familiarise themselves with the conditions of the permit. Full details of CPS are available at

Procedure to obtain a Club Permit

Click Here to go to the VicRoads website page detailing the procedure for obtaining a club permit. There are a few points to note :

The photos should be at minimum be as per the samples below:

Many digital cameras have a date stamp function that can be turned on and off and most mobile phone cameras are capable of including a date stamp in the photo.

At the time of signing the Declaration and Application documents, AHOC will also require proof of ownership and certificate of roadworthiness (RWC). VicRoads will also require these documents.

For vehicles modified in excess of VSI 8 or VSI 33, a VASS approval certificate will also be required.

Once VicRoads have issued you with a permit, you MUST promptly notify AHOC of your permit details, particularly permit number and expiry date. Contact Brian Aitken on or 03 8759 6845 or 0419 025 858 .

Renewing your Permit

Step 1: VicRoads should mail you a renewal form and logbook several weeks before the existing permit expires.

Step 2: Verify your AHOC membership is current.

Step 3: Have renewal form signed by the AHOC. Currently the 'duly authorised representative' is Brian Aitken, 59 Sanders Road Frankston South 3199, contact 03 8759 6845 or 0419 025 858 or

Please consider that this is an entirely voluntary position and include a pre-addressed and stamped envelope for the return of the documents..

Step 4: Submit the signed renewal form to VicRoads and pay the renewal fee. This can be done at any VicRoads Customer Service Centre or by mailing the signed renewal to VicRoads with a cheque in payment of the fee, to VicRoads. Postal address is on the form.

Alternatively, the renewal fee can be paid on line via a "myVicRoads account - details are outlined on the renewal form.

Step 5: Apply the new window sticker to the vehicle and carry the new logbook in the vehicle.

Note : Permits not renewed within 3 months of expiry will be cancelled by VicRoads and a new permit application will be required which includes obtaining a new RWC etc!

Points to note

CPS plates are only manufactured in a maroon background with white characters and there is no choice of numbers. Age related plates and vanity plates cannot be used on the CPS.

Left hand drive vehicles more than 25 years old may participate in the scheme.

Some States or Territories do not recognize the CPS and require a permit from the registration and licensing authority in that State or Territory to legally drive in that State or Territory. It is strongly recommended that drivers of CPS vehicles check before driving interstate.

 To go to VicRoads website and apply for a CPS, renew a CPS or make changes to an existing CPS or obtain VicRoads forms,

Click Here to go to the VicRoads website.

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