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VicRoads Club Permit Scheme

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About AHOC Club Permits 

Financial membership of the Austin Healey Owners Club of Victoria offers the opportunity to use the Vicroads Club Permit Scheme, enabling you to drive your Austin Healey for any purpose you wish other than commercial use or financial gain, for 45 or 90 days per annum. The scheme comes at a significant cost savings compared to full registration, plus 4.2% stamp duty is not applied. A number of insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance at a reduced rate.

Penalties for failing to comply with the conditions of the permit may include significant fines, suspension or expulsion from the CPS and possibly deemed to be driving an unregistered vehicle and all the associated legal consequences. AHOC strongly recommends that all club permit holders familiarise themselves with the conditions of the permit. Full details of CPS are available at


Procedure to obtain AHOC Club Permit 

Important announcement regarding changes to our club permit rules

Please Review Changes Effective 1st of June 2023 ( Click Here )



Click Here to go to the VicRoads website page detailing the procedure for obtaining a club permit. 

There are a few points to note:

Currently Brian Aitken is the AHOC signatory for the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form and Club Permit Application form.

Brian is based in 59 Sanders Road Frankston South 3199, also is contactable on 03 8759 6845 or 0419 025 858 or email


Provide the following with your request

· Certificate of roadworthiness

· Proof of ownership

· A stamped, self-addressed envelope if posting the papers to the VCPS Officer

· Six (6) photos taken of the car, 15cmx10cm:

· Rear view,

· Front view, Please note all photos must have a date stamp.

· Left side,

· Right side,

· Right side (with door open showing driving position)

· Chassis No.

· Appropriate VicRoads forms:
* Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles (select to download)
* Application for the Victorian Club Permit Scheme

Once VicRoads have issued you with a permit, you MUST promptly notify AHOC of your permit details, particularly permit number and expiry date.

Contact Brian Aitken or 03 8759 6845 or 0419 025 858.



Renew or extend a AHOC Club Permit

Club Permits have different rules and procedures to standard registered vehicles. Read below for information on how to renew or extending your existing Club Permit.

Renew a AHOC Club Permit Click here to go to VicRoads website detailing the procedure.

Your Club Permit renewal notice will be mailed to you five to six weeks before expiry. The renewal notice will be for your existing period of use (45 or 90 days). 

If you wish to change your period of use contact us on 13 11 71 to request an updated renewal notice be sent to you, or simply change your period when paying your renewal at any VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Regarding Postage

Given the present day Postal Service in Australia, we advise you to act immediately you receive your VCPS Renewal Notice in order to avoid running past the date of your present Permit before receiving the signed Renewal Notice.

 How to renew your AHOC Club Permit:

1. Organise for your renewal notice to be signed by the office bearer of your vehicle club/association to declare that you are a current member of that particular club/association. Currently the 'duly authorised AHOC representative' is;

Brian Aitken, 59 Sanders Road Frankston South 3199, contact 03 8759 6845 or 0419 025 858 or

  1. Sign your Club Permit renewal notice (you must be the permit holder).
  2. Submit your renewal fee:

Please include a pre-addressed and stamped envelope for the return of the documents.

a. Online via your myVicRoads account
b. Visiting any VicRoads Customer Service Centre
c. Mailing the renewal with a cheque or money order to:

GPO Box 1644


Victoria 3001


Club Permit Scheme - registration plate update

 Along with the new charges for initial issue of Club Permit number plates (these charges do not apply to existing plate holders) it is now possible to order slim line plates at an additional cost.

 This slim line plate availability now also extends to existing plate holders, so if you would prefer to swap from the standard number plate to a slim line plate, at a cost of $125 for a single plate or $185 for both plates, you cannot order a replacement plate in a Customer Service Center - you can only order a replacement online via your myVicRoads account (External llnk)

 The replacement plate(s) will be delivered to you by mail.

 Note also that slim line pates are not available for "M" plated cars - ie - cars which are significantly modified and required an engineer's certificate in order to obtain the Club Permit.

Log on to Vic Roads web site for additional information.



"NEW PROCEDURE" VicRoads club permit forms and VIN stamping "NEW PROCEDURE"

Dear Club representative

Please read on for the following updates :
- Alignment of VicRoads club permit forms with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
- Commonwealth requirement - Classic and collectible vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 will be issued a VIN that must be stamped on the vehicle.
Alignment of VicRoads club permit forms with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
VicRoads has updated a number of Club Permit forms to improve the vehicle data collected by VicRoads, and to ensure that the correct permit types and club permit plates are issued to eligible vehicles.

What do Club Permit Scheme clubs and members need to do?
The updated forms are now available on the VicRoads website at for you and your members to use. 
- Club Permit application form
- Club Permit reassignment form
- Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration form
- Approved club office bearers and scrutineers
Please encourage your members to use these current forms rather than previous versions.

Why have these changes been made?
These forms now have an updated layout and align with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021.

Club Permit application
- There are only four categories of Club Permit – Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Historic, and Street Rod.
- Each category now has a sub-category – either Original, Modified or Replica.
- The documents required for each sub-category are listed at the bottom of the form.
Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit vehicles
- Now includes a record of the VASS approval certificate and Vehicle import details, where applicable.
Club permit reassignment and Club permit agreement
- Re-ordering of the data fields.
Club Permit logbook
- The Club Permit logbook has been updated to align with regulation changes.

New requirement - Classic and collectible vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 will be issued a VIN that must be stamped on the vehicle.
With the introduction of the Commonwealth Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019, vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 that do not already have a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamped into the vehicle will be issued a VIN, which needs to be stamped on the vehicle.

Club members who are considering importing these vehicles should familiarise themselves with the new requirements as explained below.

Most classic and collectible vehicles are issued a chassis number by the vehicle manufacturer. Under the Commonwealth Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019, these types of vehicles are now imported under the concessional entry pathway and recorded on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV).

As these vehicles do not have a 17-character VIN that meets the ISO standards, the Commonwealth Department of Transport Infrastructure Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC) will issue a VIN with the condition that the VIN must be stamped on the vehicle. It is an offence under the Commonwealth legislation if this condition is not complied with. A plate attached to the vehicle displaying the VIN is not acceptable.

The VIN provided by the Commonwealth via the RAV process is the identifier by which the vehicle must be known throughout Australia for registration and club permit purposes and is how the vehicle's origin will be determined for the purpose of registration/CPS permit eligibility.

Further information
To find out more about the Club Permit Scheme obligations, search 'Club Permit Scheme' at .
To find out more about the RVS legislation please visit .

Kind regards,
Director, Registration and Licensing

Practice Standards and Solutions



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